Tempio, all days we all facing the big topic of pollution, most of the design brands find a different strategy to propose products that in a sense can contribute to a future solution but we still are very far to resolve the wasting of the resource. 
If we consider that we normally use over 50kg of paper for each person per year, but still the life of a paper sheet is less than one day we can immediately understand that this is a complete waste. I'm trying to propose objects fully made out of recycling paper pulp, I think that our living reflects our life and if we have to change something for sure we have to start with something that we see and use every day like furniture. Is really important the designers put ethic and meaning to object and not just use them for the aesthetic. Design objects need to have a message and need to let the customer questioning themself.Tempio helps people to question themself about paper and its meaning and uses  
Tempio is just a table made out of paper. 
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