My name is Jonathan Bocca, I was born in Lucca on February 1998. Lucca is a small town in Tuscany countryside. From 2012, I attended "Liceo Artistico Musicale A. Passaglia" of Lucca and I got my graduation in the 2017. Now I am studying Interior and Furniture Design at IED (European Institute of Design) in Florence, Italy. I am attending the third year of IED bachelor course. I have never started my approach toward the Art because I believe Art is an illusion and an artist does not really exist. The only things that we can say it is this; the communication among human trough visual representation can help the sharing of an idea to others to live in a world where the persons may cure and increase their aesthetic taste and sensibility. Representation it is something that start off our deepest unconscious world and impose itself to our consciousness so we can receipt and use it in many ways.  Physical stuff are just a corpse of what the idea is it, and during the representation process, the idea scarify itself to become a representation of itself. Creativity is just a concept, as words are just a convention, but our perception and idea are real, and reflect what we see every day.